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34 cm (approx 14
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Reduced Trollbeads Bracelet Brown Leather


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The bracelet has a line of 5 holes to allow for size adjustment at the end of the leather. It can also be worn as a casual 2 strand leather necklace.

  • Please note while shown for illustration, beads and locks are not included in leather prices.
  • The standard locks add approximately 2 cm to the overall length.
  • Please note the Big fish lock and Big Flower lock are approx 1cm longer than the rest of the locks and add 3cm to the length.
  • The more you twist and interlace a leather twist bracelet the shorter it becomes on your wrist.

Please be aware the smallest size is only suitable for young children, currently I have never needed to sell this size. (Size as a necklace with lock approx 15 inches).
Generally people who would wear a 16, 17 or 18 cm silver bracelet have bought the medium size. (Size as a necklace with lock approx 16.5 inches).
People who wear 19cm silver bracelet upwards and men have bought the larger size. (Size as a necklace with lock approx 18 inches).

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