We've tried to make this site as easy to navigate as possible.

If you move your cursor (you might call it a pointer) over one of the main menu items in the blue bar that runs across the site under our logo, you should see a dropdown list of subcategories.

Navigation menu with drop down

You can either:-

  • (Left) Click on the 'top level menu item' eg 'Trollbeads' or 'Home Living', and a new page will load showing all the subcategories for this, and listing all the individual products in this section, or;
  • Once the dropdown list has appeared, if you move your cursor to the menu item for the desired subcategory and click, a new page will load showing that subcategory. All items for this category will be displayed (and also any subcategories)

If you get lost, or end up in the wrong category there are a number of ways of 'backing up:-

  1. Click on the back button on your browser (That would be aleft pointing arrow on the left of your browser window)
  2. Use the 'Breadcrumb' This is the text that runs across under the blue menu bar

    Breadcrumb illustration

    The page you are on is represented by the italicised term on the right (in this case it's 'Standard Designs', which is a range of Nick Mosse pottery)
    Clicking on 'Nicholas Mosse', as shown above, would load a new page with all Nicholas Mosse products, not just the 'Standard Designs'.

  3. Clicking on any of the terms further to the left will show all the products for that subcategory, just like the navigation menu works. Easy!

At any point you can just click on the Suitor Gallery logo, and this will take you back to the start page.