We take security very seriously, irrespective of whether you are just casually browsing the site, or if you want to buy some of the wide range of beautiful products here.

  • We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on all pages which are used for gathering, displaying or transmitting personal information, or any other information which is required to be secure.
    • For example, the login, registration, contact form, cart and checkout are all secured such that transmission of all personal details between your browser and suitorgallery.com is fully ssl encrypted.
    • Catalogue and individual product pages are not secured (and do not need to be), and this improves site response times, since the encryption of this data by our server, and decryption of the data by your browser would take a significant amount of time, thus making the site appear 'slow'.
  • Our shopping cart system (in combination with the secure site setup) is PCI-DSS compliant. This is a standard set of security protocols required by financial institutions to facilitate the safe storage and processing of all financial information.
  • No card details are stored on this site, outside the duration required to pass them to our online payment processor.