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Kutchi Runner B


Unique rug as depicted in photograph, non-repeatable one-off design with the individual irregularities and variety associated with a handmade ethnic rug.

History of Kutchi style of kilim

Mukker a town on the long, hot road between Kabul and Kandahar in southern Afghanistan ist not only an
important caravanserai, it also serves as the traditional gathering and market Place for the Kutchi
nomads of eastern and central Afghanistan.

These are the Pushtu-speaking Kuchis, a colourfulmemorable group. The Kuchi are wanderers ratherthen nomads, earning a livelihood as traders. It is a romantic and captivating sight to see a caravan of Kuchi, with sometimes just two or three but more often dozens of camels, walking alongside a dusty road or trail. The train will incorporate fierce dogs, as well as the sheep, goats and children and all possessions, along with the younger less mobile animals and birds such as chickens, piled on the camels. In the spring and again in the autumm a large fair is held outside Mukkur, and the nomads and travellers come from hundreds of miles away to exchange goods, dairy produce and animals for consumer essentials from the bazaar. Whole hillsides are covered with encampments for several months of the year.

Length x Width: 294 cm x 80 cm