Suitor Gallery Mushwani Rug
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Suitor Gallery Mushwani RugSuitor Gallery Mushwani Rug

Large Mushwani Rug


Unique rug as depicted in photograph, non-repeatable one-off design with the individual irregularities and variety associated with a handmade ethnic rug. Approximately 5'11" x 5'. Unusual brown and dark heather colour. Mushwani are semi-Nomadic Tribesmen who mainly inhabit the Herat Province of Western Afghanistan. Originally famed for weaving very fine kilims, they now make semi-piled rugs and runners in predominantly dark colours. They feature a unique mixed weave structure including knotted pile technique, plain weave and soumac technique. This gives the rug a unique and lively appearance. Featuring a wide range of designs in a palette dominated by black or blue-black, dark red, deep brown, and yellow and brown ochre, offset by paler reds and blues. They are closely associated with an all-over scheme based on concentrically expanding hooked-diamonds or zigzags. Mushwanee rugs are generally of excellent quality and are very high in demand as they give a tribal look in the house and are ideal for the heavy foot traffic area, made with wool on wool embossed village design and are 100% hand knotted. Many Baluch weavings are dark but the darkest of all are the Mushwani Rugs. Soffrai These are distinctively shaped kilims, largely woven by Kurdish and Balouch tribes. Soffrai, in Persian, means 'small rug'. They take the form of small runners, above five feet in length and about one-and-a-half feet wide, or squares used as eating cloths. Both types are easily identifiable by their zig-zag motifs, penetrating two sides of a plain, madder red or camel-hair field. The borders are frequently of soumak or knotted work, and these delicate techniques perfectly complement the plain ground. Soffrai runners are woven by the Balouch as 'fill-in' rugs, to lay around the edges of a large room-sized carpet.

Length x Width: 180 cm x 156 cm