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Large Senneh Kilim Runner


Unique rug as depicted in photograph, non-repeatable one-off design with the individual irregularities and variety associated with a handmade ethnic rug. Approximately 10'6"x 2'11"
History of Senneh Style Kilims Senneh kilims are village rugs, woven by Kurdish weavers. 100 % Wool weft, cotton warp only showing at fringe. Although closely resembling Senneh carpets in appearance and design, they do not necessarily originate from Senneh however as they were also woven in the adjacent areas of Kurdistan. Senneh kilims, especially those woven in the 19th century, are regarded as the finest in the region, and are known for their use of curved wefts. Kilims are flatweave rugs often made using the tapestry technique, in which the wefts are discontinuous, ie not extending from selvage to selvage. These tapestry wefts change colour to suit the design, turning back on themselves and often creating slits at the vertical colour junctions. In Senneh kilims, these slits are largely avoided through the use of slanting or curved wefts, which are worked at angles to the warp and produce a more curvilinear and much finer design.

Length x Width: 320 cm x 88 cm