Cookies are a small text file that store non personal details. Every browser supports them.

There are two types:-

  1. Session Cookies: These are maintained for the duration of time (and for a short period of time afterwards) that you are browsing These provide authentication for the secure connection between your computer and, and are required. When using a shared computer (eg in an internet cafe) it is important to log out, as this also destroys the session cookie, and makes it near impossible for someone else to access your account here at
  2. Persistent Cookies: These store some non personal details.
    • When last logged on to
    • an expiry date for the cookies (usually one year)
    • a randomly generated sequence of numbers and letters. This is stored on your computer, and on our site. When you browse our site, we read this sequence and see if we can match it to one on our system.

How do you use cookies?

As indicated above, session cookies are required in order to have a secure connection.

Persistent cookies are used to help us get an idea of when people are browsing the site, even when they're not logged in. This helps us plan and provide better levels of service.

No personally identifiable information is stored in either type of cookie.