CVV stands for Card Verification Value. This is a 3 digit code which is found on the back of your card (usually to the right of the signature strip), or with American Express on the front of the card (usually top right).

The purpose of the CVV is an extra security check. The CVV is not magnetically encoded anywhere on the card, therefore it does not get printed on sales receipts.

It is the intent of the card companies that you should never actually hand over your card to shop staff any more. They should present you with the card reader, and the card never leaves your hands or sight. If this procedure is followed, the shop staff will never get your CVV.

Therefore, the CVV is a level of proof that have the card present with you, and as such is an important anti fraud measure.

We can not complete a transaction where the customer is not present, without a CVV, irrespective of whether you use the web site or contact us directly.